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About Aurum Books

Our team of experienced professionals provide personalized guidance and support to ensure each author's unique vision is realized, resulting in high-quality publications that meet industry standards and exceed expectations.

We are committed to helping authors achieve their goals and share their stories with the world, which is why we also offer marketing and promotional services to help authors reach their target audience and increase the sales of their books. Our staff can provide guidance on book launches, social media strategies, and advertising campaigns. Plus, we can help you create eye-catching book covers and format manuscripts for publication. Our goal is to help authors succeed in the competitive de la publishing world.

Ricardo Mejia

Aleyso Bridger

Executive Director


Operational manager

Anly Calderón

Creative content manager

Mariana Amaya

 Chief Creative Office

Ana Marengo

Graphic designer

Ana Marengo

Meet the team

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