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Luz María Doria

Vice President and Executive Director of Despierta America

Adriana Gallardo

 Founder of

Adriana´s Insurance

Dra. Tania Medina

Plastic surgeon, author and singer.

At Aurum Books we are proud to present our outstanding authors, who bring a wide variety of topics, a high standard of quality and a unique literary experience.

Each of them has been carefully selected by our editorial team for their ability to captivate the reader and for their ability to create lasting work. We are committed to offering our readers the best selection of literary works, and we are confident that our outstanding authors will continue to captivate our readers with their talent and creativity.

Aurum books is the number one alternative for Spanish-speaking authors, localized and focused around the world, offering editorial, content and publishing solutions as an alternative for authors and creators in Spanish.

About us ?

At Aurum Books, we are proud to offer a comprehensive digital publishing service to authors and writers around the world. We believe in the importance of accompanying our authors throughout the creative and editorial process, from conceptualization and writing to the publication and marketing of their works in different categories and genres.

Our services 

We focus on providing our authors with the visibility, credibility, and trust they need to succeed in publishing their works. we ensure that each book we publish meets the highest standards of quality and to be promoted

Creation and Conceptualization

Writing and Ghostwriting

We listen to stories of all kinds, to later translate them into a book. We are dedicated to capturing and bringing our authors' stories to life, using our expertise and skills to create books that inspire, excite, and educate our readers.

we make sure that each text works correctly. We carry out a thorough review of each work, making sure that the grammar, spelling and structure are impeccable.

We are proud to turn each work into something unmatched. We focus on providing an impeccable and high-quality edition that highlights the author's creativity and message.



we promise to reach the hands of all our readers. We strive to offer wide digital distribution of our literary works, making sure they are available on all major digital platforms.

Digital distribution

We use our editorial and graphic design expertise to create digital books that are visually appealing and easy to read. We make sure that each work has a cohesive and professional design that reflects the essence of the work and that connects with the readers.

Design, assembly and packaging 

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