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Diego Tomasino announces the English version of his book “COME OUT!”

COME OUT is a practical guide for inclusion in the business world that has been translated into three languages.

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Miami, October 16, 2023 - The book COME OUT! by Diego Tomasino, which has already been published in two languages, has seen tremendous success with sales. Now, the English speakers will have the opportunity to enjoy it. Tomasino is a passionate author, activist, and executive coach who is leading a revolution in the business world by promoting values of inclusion and equity in organizations. With over a decade of experience in financial consulting throughout Latin America, Tomasino has found his true passion in closing the gap that has arisen between sexual orientation and career success.

“COME OUT!” is the first of two books that Tomasino has written, Its captivating impact on Portuguese and Spanish business world has led to its English release. This bold and honest book empowers a new generation of leaders and organizational members, challenging them to think beyond established social and business conventions. Instead of viewing diversity as a barrier, Tomasino argues that it is an essential asset for creating equitable, successful, and productive organizations.

"It is no longer enough for individuals to come out of the closet; it is time for companies to do so as well. Coaching has become a vital pillar in their journey towards transformation and the creation of more inclusive workplaces. Now, the mission is to help others break down paradigms and revolutionize their organizations." Tomasino emphasizes

Drawing on his personal experience, Diego Tomasino combines modern executive coaching techniques with tools that measure diversity, along with moving testimonials from individuals who, like him, have gone through the challenging process of "coming out" and have thrived professionally and personally. His work answers crucial questions about how to achieve a truly inclusive company, setting it apart from a merely diverse environment, and how to effectively implement an Employee Resource Group.

Diego Tomasino, an executive coach specialized in business diversity, is the founder of CoachMap and the regional director of Casin & Asociados. He is the author of the books "Come Out! Las empresas también tienen que salir del clóset " (Aurum Books) and "The University out of the closet" (Dunken). Born in Quilmes, Argentina, Diego started his career in the Financial Consulting industry, which provided him with the opportunity to live in Panama and later in Miami, leading projects in different Latin American countries. Currently, he is the coordinator of Pride Connection, a network that encompasses inclusive companies. Among his accomplishments, the successful execution of the "Congress of Exemplary Practices" in Panama since 2017 stands out. It was the first LGBTQ+ nature congress in the country. He has also participated as a speaker in various international events on Diversity and Inclusion, including “Out & Equal” and has been awarded as Top Voice in LinkedIn. Diego is part of the Global Shapers (World Economic Forum) and co-founder of the F*ckup Nights chapter in Miami. In his free time, he is passionate about traveling, running half marathons, and writing reviews about inclusive cities on his blog and social media using the hashtag #365daysofgaytravel.

Aurum Books is the number 1 publishing alternative for Spanish-speaking authors, with an extensive experience in the Latin and US markets, and over 15 titles produced. Aurum Books 79 was founded by Aleyso Bridger, who has been a literary agent and publisher for more than 35 book titles authored by renowned Spanish-speaking authors, with a unique approach and inclusive vision. It offers high-quality publications and is committed to helping authors achieve their goals to reach their audience.


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